Bethany Cottle

3D Character Artist


Hi, my name's Bethany Cottle. Nice to meet you! I am a Welsh born, Devon bred country girl with a drive for all things creative. Once I'm enthused by a project or find a new skill to learn, I cannot be stopped.

I am currently a third year student on the Computer Games Art course at Southampton Solent University. It has given me the access and guidance to a whole new set of skills. With constantly being exposed to industry standard skills and processes, and how to keep up with them ourselves, I feel well equipped on my path to my dream job.


I have always enjoyed making things. Wherever I can and for whatever reason. From sewing elaborate costumes; and designing and creating my own clothes; To creating artworks for fun and commissions. Creativity is a very integral part of who I am, and I enjoy nothing more that sharing and using those skills to help collaborate with others.

3D Artwork

Presented in Unreal 4.

Digital Illustration

Selection of my digital art. All produced using Photoshop.

Traditional Illustration

A selection of my traditional illustrations. I use a selection of media; Ink, Watercolours, Acrylic, Colour pencils and Graphite.