Bethany Cottle

3D Character Artist


Hi, my name's Bethany Cottle. Nice to meet you! I am a Welsh born, Devon bred country girl with a drive for all things creative. Once I'm enthused by a project or find a new skill to learn, I cannot be stopped.

I am currently a third year student on the Computer Games Art course at Southampton Solent University. It has given me the access and guidance to a whole new set of skills. With constantly being exposed to industry standard skills and processes, and how to keep up with them ourselves, I feel well equipped on my path to my dream job.


Stylised 3D Artwork

3D Realism

Digital Illustration

Selection of my digital art. All produced using Photoshop.


The following are presented with the most recent game first

Build-A-Bed Workshop

Every doggo wants their dream bed. We made that dream come true.
Made in four days for the Solent Game Jam 2019.

For this project I led the artstyle and direction. I was responsible for the building, rigging, animating, and texturing of the dog models. I also helped set up the assets in Unity, and assisted with Shaders in engine.

For this project I used 3DSMax, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop and Unity. Download Page

I'm Gonna Blow:
The Nuke Seduction Game

There's only one way to save the world from a nuclear destruction; seduction!
I'm Gonna Blow is a Mobile VR dating-sim created in 30 hours for Portsmouth Game Jam 2018 in Unity 3D. As a government intelligent it is your duty to disarm a devastating warhead with your natural charm.

For this project I was responsible for the bomb character, restaurant environment assets, and logo illustration. I used Adobe Photoshop for the texturing and illustration, and 3dsMax for modelling. Download PageGameplay Video

The Bone Zone

The Bone Zone is an A-symetrical multiplayer game made in Unreal Engine 4. The project was made for a three day game jam at Solent University. I was responsible for the modelling and texturing of the environment props.

Colour Jam

Colour Jam is 2.5D Platforming game created in Unreal Engine 4 as part of a five day game jam. For this project I was responsible for the placeholder assets, final textures and additonal UI.